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Huge Game Rentals


We are a Super-Sized Party Rental company servicing all of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Blow your friends away and order one or all of our huge games: Huge Beer Pong, XL Cornhole, Jumbo Jenga, Huge Flip Cup,  Operation, LED Bocce ball, Giganto twister, Mondo Checkers, Super Size ChessDisc Golf, Ladder ball, Battle Shots, carnival games , carnival tent, milk can, fish bowl, can toss, pin toss, bean bag toss game and photo booth rentals. Drinky Poo is the largest game provider. Our games are a  big hit and continue to gain momentum as a great addition to any party inside or out!

King Kong Beer Pong:


 What if you could play a life sized version of Beer Pong at your next event?  With our new game, Giant Beer Pong, you can enjoy a fun-filled game that takes the excitement of the game of Pong to the next level. With our 44 galloin red buckets and an oversized ball, you play this game the same way as Beer Pong. Click for pricing details.

Humungo Operation:


This huge operation game we call Surgery. A life size fun version of the operation game with giant operation tools. Like  the home game Operation, but 4’ Long. Players use Magnetic grabber to carefully try to take specified body parts out of the patient board. Lights buzzers are activated when tongs touch sides Click for details.

Colossus CornHole:


Tired of the same old cornhole? How about Cornhole on steroids! Our Giant CornHole boards are 3 foot x 6 foot and the eight synthetic toss bags weigh 2 lbs. each. This over-sized party game will be the hit of your event. This is the perfect competitive game to WOW your friends. Lets see if you can hit the side of a barn.  Click for pricing details.

XL Connect 4:


Do you remember Connect Four? It was kind of like what would happen if tic tac toe and checkers had produced a crazy hybrid offspring. If you do remember the game, a giant version from Hasbro might bring back a memory or two. Plus the fact that it is nearly four feet tall makes it a perfect for any party. Available in classic wood or plastic sets.

Jumbo Jenga XL:


Jumbo party version of the original game. Jumbo Jenga XL can be built to 6 feet tall and played with 30 wood stained and non stained blocks and Safe cardboard  (make up your own rules, personal messages). These are safe and durable yet light, so they are perfect for game night, teens, or a party with adults. Click for pricing details.

LED Bocce Ball:


This unique Lighted LED Bocce Ball Set comes with everything 2 to 4 players need to play Bocce Ball into the night and let me tell you, it is FUN! We get rave reviews from our customers about this game! You will NOT be disappointed! Now you can still play after dark and entertain your nighttime guests with this Glowing Bocce Ball Set!

Giganto Twister:


You might think that you know how to play Twister but you’ve never played it like this before. Get ready for some seriously knotted fun with this massive  twister board that rolls out to a huge 12 feet by 12 feet and is capable of holding up to 10 players at a time. It’s made by a company that specializes in nothing by high quality.

Disc Golf:


Disc golf is the fusion of two common pastimes in America Frisbee and golf. Disc golf is played much like traditional golf, but instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw a more streamlined looking Frisbee disc into a supported metal basket in the fewest shots possible. A golf disc is thrown from the tee to each basket, which is the “hole.”

Carnival Games:


We now offer traditional carnival games and carnival tent rentals. Our 10 Ft x 10 FT tents are red and white strips. our table top games are Milk can, bean bag toss, can toss, fish bowl, pin toss and ring toss. Two games can fit into one tent including a table. Ask for our bundle package. The more you order the more you save!

Mondo Checkers:


The large Checkers Plastic Set comes with 10 inch diameter player chips and 10 foot playing Black & white checkered field. This is a outstanding introduction to large checkers. The set is ideal for picnics, parties and whenever friends and family gather. Great for schools, special events and backyard family gatherings. Rugged hard plastic.

Jumbo Badminton:


Badminton, a great outdoor/ indoor activity. That is fun and challenging game. Can be either 2 or 4 players per game. Jumbo sized Rackets, and Jumbo Birdies are supplied for the exciting game. No Steaks need to secure the portable net ! 

Battle Shots:


Battle-Shots is a great  drinking game that's fun and really easy to figure out.  Basically, two people sit opposite each other and try to call out the coordinates of the other player's ships.  It's like a slightly simplified version of Battle Ship with small drinks instead of tiny plastic boats.  The action is furious and really EXTREME compared regular Battleship.

Super Sized Chess:


The Super size Chess Plastic  Set with a 16 inch king pieces and a 10 foot black and white playing field. This Chess Set will inspire children to play! Great for chess clubs, schools, hotels, special events and backyard family gatherings. They are rugged, waterproof, UV-resistant and stain resistant. This Chess set is virtually indestructible.

Ladder Ball:


Ladderball, sometimes called “golf toss,” is fun and simple—so the whole family can join in on the action.Teams of two to four players take turn tossing a bola—two balls connected by a string—onto a ladder goal. Each ladder has three runs, and each rung has a different point value. The first team or player to earn 21 points wins.

Concession Machines:


Hungry? Thats the smell of popcorn in the air! We offer Snow cone machines (includes syrups, cups and the machine)  and popcorn machines (Includes the corn, salt, butter, bags and machine). This is a great addition to any event. Fun foods are always a party favorite! You can exchange a concession machine for any of our XL games.

Table Games

Flap Attack:


Challenge your opponent, Roll the ball up hill knocking down flaps to land high score. Watch out or the drop-off! This unit includes a table and 2 balls. Dimensions: 72.00in x 23.00in x 10.00in Prices start at $100.

Ricochet Game:


Roll the ball down the alley, ricochet it off the bungee cords, and land it in one of the holes on the other side. How high can you score in just three tries? Dimensions: 37.00in x 25.00in x 13.00in Prices start at $100.

Snake Pit Game:


Snake Pit is perfect for older kids because it is one of our more challenging games. The object: Land the ball in one of the target holes without falling into the snake pit below. With your three tries, how many points can you score?  Dimensions: 37.00in x 25.00in x 13.00in  Prices start at $100.

Jumbo Plinko Game:


Jumbo version of a classic game! Drop one of the colored disks down from the top and watch it bounce through the pegs into a scored slot at the bottom. Is this a game of luck, or does it require strategy? Dimensions: 40.00in x 12.00in x 37.00in. Prices start at $100.

Photo Booth rental
Our Photo booths are 6 ft x 6 ft. The photo booths are user friendly and can take black & white or color photos.All of our events are staffed by personnel that are on site to assist our customers at no EXTRA COST. We offer all  inclusive package, unlimited photos, props, template design, social media access and an attendant. Pricing starts at $299 for 2 hrs.

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